Hello readers! I’m so excited to speak about A lullaby in the desert is an excellent story who tells how harsh life can lead an Iranian woman. Are you ready to discover this emotional story?

An imperative story which gives you a new view on the world.

I have to say a massive thank you to the writer that wrote me several months ago, I’m so glad about this amazing and honorable opportunity to read and analyze an educational story.

A lullaby in the desert was, for me, a grueling journey in an Iranian girl who was forced to escape from her harsh life in Iran because of an imposed wedding. She decides to do a cruel and brutal journey through a difficult experience changed, this has permitted her discovering an instinct for survival and human resilience.

 Reading this autobiographical novel taught me how to be grateful about my reality, how to see another culture.

A lullaby in the desert teaches you!

Pic of A lullaby in the desert

Did you know how difficult could be a life without rights? Everything could change your mind and your behavior, but not your sense of freedom and justice to be in this world.

The story of Susan is surely imperative, you should be strong as her to begin this lecturing. We will read about a hard and dangerous world, where every day the society has to take hazardous decisions under ISIS supremacy.

Susan and her resilience bring me a lot of emotions, such sadness, fear or love of life. Every situation could be at your natural limits, but for Susan was the only way to survive in the most difficult journey.

A lullaby in the desert tears your heart apart and you shouldn’t read this story if you are sensible, because the writer has pictured a though ambience with hurting people, tortures and death.

It is the story that every one must read!

The trepidations of this rude story link you with a different dimension of life, you upgrade yourself with the reality and everything with you are not concerned. You’ll empathize with every main character, you’ll notice the pure soul and the fullness of hope for a new start.

Yes, of course. She was a bit impulsive and selfish, but she demonstrated her brave behaviour and I loved her for this last one.

The script is certainly fantastic, impressive and sure very realistic, you could imagine all of them in your mind without any difficulties of understanding of a non-English native. Sure, I’ll remember every scene in the future.

In this book I learned how to “raise yourself even when it seems impossible”, I share these words that I have read an uncertain time ago when I discovered this book.

A massive thank you Mojgan for this narration, which was so attentive to details of this emotional story, everyone must read it! Super suggested both English and Italian people!

📚📚📚📚📚/ 5


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