Hello readers! Today I want you to introduce in this new section where we will discover new books in language, in this article we’ll speak about true stories. Are you curious?

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This story is about women’s rights, fighting for freedom from oppression, social conflict, and the dangers pushing so many to flee their homelands to become refugees.

The book is fiction but based on fact.

Women, children, and men are too often forced to place their lives in stranger’s hands as they are smuggled across the desert into an uncertain future. For many, their fates are far worse. Let’s give voice to the helpless. 

Born in Iran, Susan is forced to flee in order to escape an arranged marriage, leaving her mother and everything she has known behind. Years later, Susan has settled in Erbil where she must continue to navigate the daily threat of racial prejudice and a violent patriarchal society.

Yet even as she struggles to survive, life is further disturbed by the approach of ISIS in 2014. Like many others, Susan is forced to make a life changing decision. Stay in Erbil and let ISIS decide her fate? Or risk everything in search of a freedom she had never known?

The subjection and danger that Susan must overcome during her gruelling journey shows an instinct for survival and human resilience that is truly eye opening.

A Lullaby in the Desert may share one woman’s fight for survival, but it shows the reality that many have, and still, face.

For me, it is the first time I am writing in English on Dreamage so I am very excited to start with this important and emotional book. We are speaking about a real story, where a girl decided to fight for herself and her rights to love and spend the rest of her life with she wants to.

The author wrote me some time ago, I’m glad to read the information about A lullaby in the desert because I’m very fascinated to read about women real stories.

Do you want to discover this book, you should read this book on Kindle!

I’ll wait your opinion in the comments!


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